Giving back

Paul and Melissa Stanford believe that serving others is the best way to give back to the local community where we live and work. We enjoy being able to support and be part of organizations that serve the Savannah area and beyond!


The purpose of the #HonorMark initiative is to carry on a local hero’s legacy of service and sacrifice by giving back to the community he served through charitable donations.

Mark Edward Hummeldorf served our nation in the armed forces with the Marine Corps for 4 years and as a firefighter/paramedic for Southside Fire and EMS, Savannah Fire Rescue, and Parris Island Fire Rescue. During his time in the Marine Corps, Mark was awarded the Purple Heart for his bravery, which he also exemplified daily in his actions as a first responder. Unfortunately, our community lost this hero on November 22, 2017 when Mark was tragically taken from us at the young age of 33; he left behind his beautiful wife and two wonderful children.


Mark’s enthusiastic attitude and service before self would want us to put our running shoes on and join his family for our annual 5k/10k Walk& Run and Kids Fun Run. We are encouraging everyone to come together to celebrate and honor Mark and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. We invite everyone to sign up and walk or run, whether it be in-person or virtually, to continue the tradition we have started. If you choose the virtual option, share your times and post a picture with the hashtag #HonorMark5k and #SayTheirName! All proceeds go to the local community as well as helping to support college funds for Mark’s children. Mark may be off duty, but you’re not! Look for our registration page on runsignup!


Xcel Strategies Inc. is a mentoring network that was founded in Savannah, GA in 2012 to care for young people between 15-25 years of age. Xcel exists to FUEL YOUNG PEOPLE WITH PURPOSE and passion to reach the fullness of their potential through a network of wise, seasoned, and trained mentors.

I was fortunate as a young man to have my current father adopt me and become my mentor. He provided guidance and opportunities for me that I would not have had otherwise. Our hope is that you will be inspired to play a role in helping build a mentoring network around young people in our communities who might be struggling, like I was.  – Jay Thompson